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Amazing Race

Kendo – Samurai

Licence to Spy


The pitch

The Pitch


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The Amazing Race

Team Building Hong Kong Scavenger Hunts are a fun, challenging way to get out of the conference room while accomplishing your business-focused team building goals. These activities can also integrated into a training day, as an ice-breaker to add energy into the group. Flexibility in design allow us to create any format, time frame and scope to any location or group size.

Great for large teams, employee appreciation days and Friday afternoons! We now offer the widest range of Scavenger Hunt choices on the market. So there is one to fit your needs. Just give us a call and we can give you some exciting and challenging choices that would best suite your needs.

Kendo – Samurai

The Way of the Warrior is one of the most powerful and exhilarating teambuilding events your team will experience.

Kendo and The Samurai Warrior Activities are great Team Building activities for teams and leaders of businesses wanting to learn about focus and commitment.

We have realised that it is both that matter. It is about execution as well as having a good strategy. It is for this reason that we have built the Samurai program that addresses both of these issues, building the strategy and executing it. For centuries the most respected as well as feared masters of self-leadership was the Samurai warrior. Not only were they renowned as warriors but also as great artisans and administrators. One of interesting aspects of their reign was that they developed a code of practice for self-leadership that enabled them to be highly successful in times of great uncertainty and turbulence. This code of behaviour provides a sturdy framework for operating in today’s business world where we can no longer rely on concepts of leadership that are no longer relevant any more.

Licence to Spy

The Ultimate team hunt…this is a real WOW event, involves many twist and turns, great laughs and can include many options to assist your group. A Team interactive, development event, designed to test any groups planning, synergy, communication and time & team management skills, in a creative & fun learning environment. We can tailor programs with considerations on time, group size and prices to fit any budget.

This is a unique scavenger hunt where your team will discover clues in order to solve a mystery as they race to different locations against a deadline. Spy Hunt is a fun team building game like no other activity, from start to finish teams take on a spy role, beating teams to crack the code and solve to win the prize of office bragging rights forever. You’ll need sleuth powers to win, crafty thinking and clever approaches to crack clues and puzzles.

The Apprentice

Our fun Customer Centricity training programs are rich in learning’s, engaging for all, fun to participate and learning through creativity. We all know that the most important person in your business is the customer. But does your team truly understand your customers, their needs and their business? In the Apprentice we test your teams drive, energy and direction.

Our Facilitator takes on the role as a Customer Character, acting as a customer who has an urgent need. Teams receive equipment, a tender outlining the instructions and materials needed to succeed. Teams allocate roles and begin planning and working on their unique solution for the customer as they race against the clock with other teams to come up with a special design that meet the customers needs.

The pitch

The Pitch

The Pitch – During this team building program, your teams will be working creatively and collaboratively within a strict time constraints. Your team acts as an advertising agency being commissioned to make an entertaining, informative and superbly crafted commercial for a client. Your team will position your company’s products in new ways and will use fresh, ground breaking ideas that will capture the hearts and minds of your customers. The last step is where the teams will pitch their creations to an audience who will then decide on a winner.

The concept of the program is simple. With the help of our coaching and guidance; teams will create a commercial in an allotted time frame. The teams direct, produce, act, film and incorporate core points into a three minute commercial. The teams, using the costumes and props provided, are given freedom to create ‘A Pitch’ to a customer. The program allows for flexibility within the organisations preferred outcomes and objectives. These may include new products, values, strategies, conference themes, tag lines etc.


Many of our leadership team building workshops cover a huge range of topics and outcomes. No two clients are the same, all have different needs and journeys for their leadership teams. Much depends on the industry, situation in the business path they are in, group size and team make up. We design content of a workshop around the client, time allows us to propose a few sessions that address where the group needs work and learning’s. All the leadership team programs are different, interactive and achieve real take-away learnings so the participants can apply with their teams.

Popular leadership sessions range from adventure experiences, remote location workshops, interactive classroom sessions, group dynamic activities such as Kendo or the Way of the Warrior.


Team Building Hong Kong Skills Sessions prides itself with providing the very best teambuilding solutions. Our delivery methods allow teams to participate in a fun, energetic and safe manner. We delight in seeing the positive differences that our team building events have made.

We have worked hard to earn an excellent reputation for the design and implementation of the highest quality Skills Sessions based learning activities. Using a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, our skilled facilitators can help your group achieve their goals. Team Building Singapore brings over 10 years of expertise to bear on each client’s organizational needs.

Our skills sessions and outcome target workshops are aimed to provide tangible results to customers. Facilitated with our drive and energy, these sessions are perfect for a conference, business meeting or corporate retreat.


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a  team development workshop using LEGO® methodology. It focuses on creating an environment where teams use 3 dimensional thinking to address and describe situations within your organisation. You and your team will use the LEGO® to create and construct metaphors to explain and help visualise opportunities and changes within your workplace.

After the LEGO® constructions are made, we will facilitate discussion to allow you to explain the meaning behind your creativity. We will do this by fostering an open understanding of the reasoning behind aspects of the designs. This works to sharpen insight and builds strong bonds amongst the team.

The workshops offer 100% engagement and input from the participants. It is flexible and can suit any setting and is perfect for small to medium sized groups. Lego® SERIOUS PLAY® means hands-on, and ’minds-on’ participation.

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